In case you haven't noticed, The River Boyz has new additions to the group.  If you come to our shows and take pictures, we want you to share them with us so we can post them to the site.  If you have pictures of us doing our thang and want to share, send them directly to me at 
I'm getting a LOT of questions about why the page is .net and not .com anymore... Here's the answer..  We switched web hosting services and even though we own the .com url it will not be released back to us until October.  When that happens you will be able to access the site from BOTH the .com and .net  Until then enjoy the page and check back often as we continue to make changes and improvements ~ CHRIS
Hey Everybody, Chris here!!
Just wanted to take a moment to share some things with y'all and keep you in the loop as to what's going on with the band.  We have recently acquired 2 new members, Bart Sigler (Formerly of Dave Cynar) on Guitar and Shannon Leggette (formerly of Butter) on drums.  This is an exciting time and a very positive change for the band.  We are working on new music and will definitely have some new elements to the groove on stage.  Be sure to check our schedule and come help us welcome Bart and Shannon to the family!!  If there's something you'd like to hear us play, let us know...  You can email me directly at  or just post to this live blog...
Until next time... PEACE OUT!!